I have been interested in photography for some time but it was not until 2009 when my wife bought me a digital SLR camera for Christmas and a course with Garry Brannigan that my interest turned more serious. I did take underwater film images when I was a diver in my 20's and was quite pleased with myself at the results (although they were not great) but things have moved on considerably from there. I live about 10 miles north of Inverness (with my beautiful wife - she may read this one day) in the Highlands of Scotland so stunning scenery is on my doorstep. My photographic style is definately not minamilist, I will where possible fill the frame with as much to feast the eyes as I can to add interest and depth to the image. This is just my thing and is the way I have developed over the last few of years but it's what floats my boat and may not be to everyone's taste, it's just I can't get to grips with a few stones arranged on a beach that would seem popular with some folks, having said that willing to give anything a go. Interests change and styles develop so may appreciate this more in the future but it's not my thing at the moment, may go down that route quite soon though! I was for instance not interested in waterfalls until recently and it is now one of the areas that I enjoy, not least in that if the weather is poor it is a great fall back or plan B, you get to use plan B quite a lot in Scotland. I am also getting more interested in black and white photography since I am colourblind and find it very hard to distinguish between red and green, I can tell them appart but not when they are close together. I find it impossible to see the red berries on a holly bush for instance unless I am about 1 metre away. For instance there was a field of red poppies close to where I live and I had driven past this field on many occasions but I had never seen the red, it was not until I had a chance conversation with someone who mentioned this that I knew there was a poppy field close by!

I have never really considered myself a particularly arty or creative person but my advice to anyone thinking of taking up any form of photography would be just to get out there and practice, practice, practice. In my case I slowly (sometimes very slowly) but steadily got to understand more about the camera and it's limitations, composition and light. I would consider THE most important thing would be to photograph in light appropriate to the subject. Don't for instance try and photograph an intimate landscape in bright sunlight, wait until the light is more diffuse. If photographing the wider landscape and there is a quite 'good light' try shooting from shadow to light this generally makes for better results.

I am originally from Glasgow but have lived in various locations throughout Scotland, even living on a Scottish island for four years. I have always had a slight adventurous streak having been interested in the outdoors and travel. I found it increasingly difficult to balance my business interests with all the other things I was interested in and semi retired at the tender age of 52 to keep a foot in both camps.

I have just under 1000 free-fall parachute jumps and was the first Scotsman to make a BASE jump (1980), but that really does feel like another life! Feet now firmly on the ground.

During the summer months I often sail around the west coast of Scotland or over to Ireland or beyond and my photography takes a back seat, I then look forward to picking the camera back up and getting back into the swing of things.

Age 61

Retired (lifestyle choice) Businessman, mainly property.


Sailing, Motorhome, Photography.

Status: Taken for more than 28 years but willing to change for a younger model, apply through contact page.


Canon 5DS, 16-35mm, 24mm TSE, 45mm TSE, 90mm TSE, 24-105mm, 70-300mm, 2x extender, lee ND Grads.

Recently purchased Nikon D800 as it has more dynamic range but don't find it as easy to use as the Canon as Live view is not nearly as good as the Canon.
UPDATE, now back to Canon shooting with a 5DS.